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Traveloko's Owner Operator Job Requirements - Eligibility Criteria - Application Process

Date: 30 Nov 2021
Owner Operator Job Requirements

Traveloko is an industry leader in transportation and shipping. Our goal is to maintain the highest possible standards of service in every aspect of our business. We are a team of highly motivated staff dedicated to providing the best service and freight shipping rates available in the industry. Everything that Traveloko does is made to offer benefits to our customers. We have built our reputation by offering reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and flexible freight shipping services to meet the needs of shippers and customers both large and small.

Benefits of Working as an Owner Operator in Traveloko

There are numerous benefits, but these are the most important ones:
  • Higher hauling rates than other companies
  • Lower commission rates than other companies
  • Experienced dispatchers that can keep you running
  • Freedom to create decisions about your trips with no forced dispatch
  • Fuel card with rebates at major truck stops
  • No company drivers, so you do not have to compete with anybody
  • Leading technological advancements in the transportation space


We are looking for qualified owner operators for our current OTR truck driving opportunities. If you are a Owner Operator looking for a place to call home, consider us!

We are available 24/7 and 365 days of year. With our in-house IT development team we upgrade our web and smartphone apps daily for better and faster performance. We have integrated with Fuel Cards, Cash Advances, Banks, ELD's, Emails, Phone systems, Document Editors and much more. These options along with our software's separates us from any trucking company because we can do things faster and better so we can offer YOU higher percentages.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are required to be at least 25 years of age, with two prior years of experience
  • Class A CDL
  • Two years of verifiable commercial driving experience with a clean driving record. Exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances.
    • A clean driving record means no preventable DOT-recordable accidents in the last three years, up to one violation in the last two years, no DUIs, and in general showing care and safety while on the road.
  • No felony convictions in last 7 years
  • No positive OR refused drug and alcohol tests
  • No repeatable CSA violations in the last two years
  • No more than five companies that you worked for in the last three years
  • Clean DAC report upon application submission
    • All of these criterias above are approved on a case by case basis by Traveloko and having all these does criterias met does not mean you are to be eligible.
  • Insurance coverage, including:
    • Physical damage and occupational insurance
    • Traveloko can offer both of these to you.

How to apply?

You can Apply here or can call at 470-410-8885 to the recruitment team.

Traveloko Owner Operator Program

We have multipe owner and lease operator positions opened

Our drivers are able to make


Gross revenue per year

Reefers average $20,000.00+ per month!
Keep 85% of gross revenue
Brand New Trailer
Fuel Discounts
No Forced Dispatch
Daily Pay


Hello, I'm
Brandon Murgic

As the Chief of Operations, I oversee all departments to make sure everything runs smoothly, while continuously improving the efficiency of our workflow and quality of service to our drivers & customers.

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