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About Traveloko

We are a team of highly motivated personnel dedicated to providing you with the best service and freight shipping rates available in the industry. Our strength is generated from our commitment to you as our client, industry, and partners. Traveloko’s attention, inherent professionalism, extensive carrier network, and continual experience sets us apart from other companies.

Our Story - The humble Begining

In the 2010s, Eddie Murgic founded Traveloko in Antioch, California with just one truck to their name. The first shipment was a load of electronics from Reno, NV to Bowling Green, KY. From a single truckload of electronics to a fleet of hundred, Traveloko has grown to become one of the largest transportation companies in the United States. With more than 200 employees, dispatchers, drivers and owner operators combined, we are a major player in the LTL/TL transportation space. What we offer is a diversified portfolio of transportation and logistical solutions across North America.

Our Timeline

We are growing fast and creating our transport network all over the nation

Traveloko was born

We started Traveloko in Antioch, CA with one truck


We delivered our first load of electronics.

Building Our Fleet

We grew our fleet to 10 trucks and then afterward we started designing our own app

In House TMS Development

We started developing our Traveloko smartphone app and TMS software

Traveloko Smartphone App and TMS v1 Launch

We launched the first version of our smartphone app and TMS software

Started Building TMS FALCON

We created a full development crew (12+) to start designing the future TMS Falcon software for Traveloko and the entire industry

Adding Trucks to our fleets

We grew to over 40 trucks

Introducing TMS FALCON

We started using our TMS Falcon software, and we have been upgrading it ever since

2018 (Early)
100+ trucks

We grew to over 100 trucks

2018 (Late)
New Terminal Opening

We started our terminal in Calhoun, GA


We launched the TMS Falcon smartphone app on iOS and Android

2020 (Mid)
New Terminal

We purchased new land for a future terminal

2020 (Late)
Introducing TMS FALCON to Industry

We started offering our software and app to the industry

Started Offering Dispatching Services

We launched Falcon Dispatching to offer support to other carriers

Our Promise to You


Traveloko promises that every shipment will receive individualized attention and a professional and experienced dispatcher and driver—from order to pickup and delivery. Your goods will arrive on time and intact.

Traveloko - We love freight

Heart of Perfect Trucking! We Love Freight

Our Dispatch and Safety team

The team that supports and helps you

Traveloko has one of the best dispatch and safety teams in the industry to run our logistical shipping operation. Our team is dedicated to the customers' success and keeping our drivers happy.

Eddie Murgic
CEO and President
Vanessa Murgic
CFO and Vice President
Brandon Murgic
Asher Mehboob
Dispatching Manager
Nella Kuduzovic
Accounting Manager
Jack Halquist
Terminal Manager
Amir Shaw
Human Resources
Navneet Singh
IT Manager

Traveloko stands out because of our technology and experience in the industry. From our striving in-house software engineers to our dedicated dispatchers and staff, we separate ourselves from the competition.

Eddie Murgic

Company CEO

Reach Your Destination Quickly and Safely

We will take care of your cargo and deliver them safely and on time