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Our Rates

All numbers are estimates from drivers who worked at Traveloko. Based on high revenue to compare maximum earnings

Traveloko Owner Operator Other Companies*
Percentage/Rat e



Gross Revenue(02/22) $8,256.25 $8,256.25
Truck Lease/Loan
Trailer Lease/Loan $225.00 $369.23
Insurance $147.50 $315.38
Other Insurance $29.31 $29.31
Fuel $1,612.82 $1,612.82
Other Expenses $12.50 $120.00
Comission Paid $990.75 $2,724.56
Total Deductions $3,017.88 $5,171.31
Fuel Rebate $89.02
Weekly Net $5,327.38 $3,084.94
Yearly Net Income $277,024.00 $160,417.07



Keep 88% with or without trailer
(we will lease one to you)

  • *As promotion we will meet or beat any deal up to 95% with settlements proof for 3 months in last year.
  • Able to make more than $240,000.00 gross revenue per year – reefers average $20,000.00+ per month!
  • Reefer loads are on average $3.00 per mile – dry vans are 15-20% less
  • Use our cash price fuel card (no rebates)
  • All confirmations received from our customers instantly show on your phone. YES!
  • Weekly settlements via direct deposit
  • Paid on every Thursday, including the same week when you start!
  • 100% no touch freight
  • Submit all your documents through our smartphone application for fast processing (who needs Transflo or fax machines!)
  • Paid on copies via direct deposit (originals will be required)
  • We manage all your permits and billing
  • Insurance paid weekly with no down payment!
  • All DOT clean inspections WILL be rewarded
  • No forced dispatch – You can pick where you want to go and book your own freight!
  • Dispatching and Factoring fee included in rate
  • 6 days a week 9 hours a day full dispatch available to search and assign you loads

Actual Settlement and Loads

This is based on high revenue in one week for 4 drivers.
Click on the view settlement link to see the actual settlement.

FROM 02/15/22 TO 03/15/22
Settlement# Gross Revenue Miles
View Settlement $6,200.00 1,650
View Settlement $9,700.00 2,343
View Settlement $8,375.00 2,238
View Settlement $8,750.00 2,035
Totals $33,025.00 8,266
Rate Per Mile $4.00  
Average Weekly $8,256.25  

How Traveloko is able to earn you more?

Do you know you are getting up to 50% less than if you were here at Traveloko? We are sure you know that any load that you take goes through the brokerage department where they take their cut, which is usually 15-30%, then it is transferred to the carrier department giving you another cut of 20-35% and at the end the carrier will receive a TOTAL cut of up to 65%. However, compared to Traveloko you will actually be getting the true 88% cut , a staggering 50% difference, from the load you worked hard driving for. For example, on a simple load of $1,000.00 you will keep a minimum of $500.00 additional in contrast to other carriers. Now YOU do the math in your current position.

How Traveloko is different than other carriers?

Are you tired of being lied to or being blind about your confirmations, invoices and settlements from mega-carriers? What about when you are told “We cannot give you the confirmation because of our confidentiality/privacy policy?” These carriers are scared they will lose YOU and the customer because prices do not match what was verbally said! We know that you have heard it all, however, we do not make those excuses here and we work for the driver to show we do what we agreed on verbally. Traveloko is a small, but fast growing, company that does our part to be honest and well organized in managing your back-office while you do your part driving and making money.


  • Truck in good condition and a quarterly inspection required
  • Reefer or Dry Van trailer (we can lease one for you!)
  • Maximum 5 companies you worked for in last 3 years
  • Base Plates for truck
  • Willing to stay 10-14 days OTR if necessary to maximize income (no local runs and no option every weekend home)
  • ALL DOT requirements are met
  • Must have company and EIN#
  • Own a Semi Truck
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years in last 5 years CDL driving experience
  • NO preventable accidents in the last 3 years
  • NO major violations in the last 3 years
  • NO more than 2 moving violations in last 3 years
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • CDL in any state, but California or Arizona
  • $360.00 ELD Deposit
  • No non-hire companies on DAC report

Perks and Benefits

Fuel Discount

Get a competitive $0.28 cents per gallon discount and a fuel rebate at the end of every month when fueling at Pilot and Flying J Truckstops.

Life insurance

As a part of our Occupational Insurance, we have negotiated a life insurance policy that is included.

Disability insurance

All drivers that use our Occupational Insurance will receive as a benefit disability insurance up to two years.

  • Orientation before you start
  • Daily pay available
  • No forced dispatch
  • Physical Damage Non-Trucking Liability Insurance weekly program available
  • Maintenance Account available
  • Referral Bonus available!
  • Plate Program available
  • $250.00 Set-Up fee waived as long as you stay 3 months with us
  • Detailed IFTA reports available for quarterly or custom dates
  • 24/7 dedicated support available
  • All clean DOT Inspections WILL be rewarded

Driver’s SmartPhone Application

Next generation service

Traveloko® SmartPhone APP is free and easy to use application designed for our contracted owner operators and drivers. This application is designed for better performance to our customers and as well as owner operators and drivers. We have integrated features that no other company has it or ever combined it in package as we are.

Document Scanning icon

Document Scanning

Capture and send your document to the disaptch in the matter of seconds

Upload Documents icon

Upload Documents

Preview all your uploaded documents related to Load, truck and trailer.

My Loads icon

My Loads

All the active and completed loads can be viewed with pickup and drop off points.

Get Cash icon

Get Cash

Get cash through our integrated COMDATA module any time of the day you need it.


Dispatchers Department

Owner operators hone their skills by continually working behind the wheel. In the same way, our dispatchers master their craft by spending countless hours in front of a screen and on the phone communicating with shippers, receivers, comparing rates, and routes. All this with the sole purpose of getting the highest paying loads and delivering the best service to each owner operator truck driver.

Safety & Maintenance

We are a company that is completely committed to safety and we know being safe doesn’t happen by accident. Our safety department is not only there to help you to stay compliant with DOT rules and regulations, but also work full time to make sure safety is a habit and not just a requirement. We want you to be safe, so you can go back home safe.


Unique and personalized load board for searching and getting alerts based on your preferences and book loads with the click of the button. Our search engine will not only bring you the options of the loads we offer to you, but search most public load boards available out there. Then your dispatcher will book the load for you, meaning you do not have to spend time yourself looking.

Technology and Innovation

Our in-house developed technology allows us to provide drivers a high-quality service and up-to-date information during every step of the pipeline process. Day to day operations from finding the best rates to the point when a load it’s paid to the driver, our in-house system expedites every step of the process, therefore enabling us to deliver the best service in owner operator trucking.

We are committed to trucking greatness. Join Us Today!

Call us and talk to one of our recruiters today! They are ready to answer all your questions and help you to get startarted with application process.


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