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New Terminal of Traveloko

Date: 19 Oct 2021

Traveloko hit the ground running for a new terminal in Calhoun, Georgia. By scrapping grass and weeds off the top before the real excavators come in and start moving the dirt around. This new terminal will offer space to park traveloko truck and trailer and will be used as a back office to run the dispatch operations.

Traveloko has openings for owner operators in Atlanta,GA and Dallas,TX zone. Click here to learn more about owner operator program

Traveloko Owner Operator Program

We have multipe owner and lease operator positions opened

Our drivers are able to make


Gross revenue per year

Reefers average $20,000.00+ per month!
Keep 80% of gross revenue
Brand New Trailer
Fuel Discounts
No Forced Dispatch
Daily Pay


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As the Chief of Operations, I oversee all departments to make sure everything runs smoothly, while continuously improving the efficiency of our workflow and quality of service to our drivers & customers.

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