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Everything that Traveloko does is made to offer benefits to our customers. We have built our reputation by offering reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and flexible freight shipping services to meet the needs of shippers and customers both large and small. We strive to provide more for our customers than ordinary freight brokers and we assure you that you will get more.

Our goal is to maintain the highest possible standards of service in every aspect of our business. In response to our customers' needs, we have developed an online shipping quote request that is almost identical to real-time, which is unlike any other in the industry. We offer instant shipping rates for our shipping services; not just access to LTL tariffs. Our online chat and contact system is instant and hassle-free.

Online Services for our Customers

Traveloko is proud of our superior customer service because we always will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Our experienced staff is available up to 10 hours a day with additional after-hours dispatch so that all your freight shipping needs are not just met but exceeded as well. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our expertise and service for your transportation needs and we assure you that you will be treated with the extra care you deserve.

Traveloko Online Services

Using IT to save not only your time but ours as well on Paperwork

Our Dispatchers and Drivers are equipped with advanced tools for creating documents like Bills of Ladings, Agreements and Rate Confirmations with the click of a button. The drivers' Smartphone app gives them real-time updates on the activity associated with their loads. Subscribe for updates to know when your shipment is picked up and going to be delivered.


World's Fastest TMS Software

We have built our own TMS by applying years of industry experience and knowledge.

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Traveloko has run quite a few loads for us this year with no issues. Dispatch is great about responding to us very quickly. I hope we continue to work with Traveloko for a long time.

Surge Transportation - Traveloko Review

Surge Transportation Inc

We have used Traveloko on several shipments. They provide good service and good communication. I would recommend them!

Monster Trucking - Traveloko Review


Love working with Daniel...he provides updates before I ask and is willing to go the extra mile to give excellent customer service!

Stallion Enterprise - Traveloko Review


Delivering your cargo always on time safe and intact - Traveloko

Why choose Traveloko?

We consider ourselves as an industry leader, because of the innovation and technology that we have brought up through the years we have been in business. With this, we can differentiate ourselves from the competition. You will not find any other mid-sized trucking company that has its crew of software engineers, which work tirelessly every day to improve our technology so we can provide faster, better, and more reliable service to you. Due to this, we can blow our competition out of the water. Our staff can deliver much more from our automation process that is integrated into every aspect of our business. We are continuously designing, enhancing, and developing new modules & features in our software. That is why we can monitor and improve our business every day with such speed as no other mid-sized trucking company.



This company has been started as a family-owned business and throughout the years we have maintained our relationship with all our drivers and employees as another family member. Even though we are considered as a large trucking company, we still feel like we are ourselves as a small family-owned company where all our employees and drivers are treated as a family members. On top of this, we also treat our customers in the same way because we provide a one-on-one communication for every trip that is assigned to us. Our promise to all our customers, drivers, and employees is that we are going to continue to maintain a family-owned environment no matter how big or small this company will become in the future.

Traveloko stories and experience
Traveloko stories and experience
Traveloko stories and experience
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Traveloko is Proud of our Superior Customer Service

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