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Keep a competitive 85% for LIMITED time
*As promotion we will meet or beat any deal up to 95% with settlements proof for 3 months in last year.
Now offering DAILY PAY

How much does an owner operator make at Traveloko vs other Companies?

Traveloko Owner Operator Other Companies*
Percentage/Rate 85% 67%
Gross Revenue $5,736.14 $5,736.14
Truck Lease/Loan
Trailer Lease/Loan
Insurance $165.72 $305.54
Other Insurance $29.31 $29.31
Fuel $1,334.26 $1,334.26
Other Expenses $12.50 $95.65
Commission Paid $860.42 $1,892.93
Total Deductions $2,402.22 $3,657.69
Fuel Rebate $69.77
Weekly Net $2,715.36 $2,078.45
Yearly Net Income $141,198.74 $108,079.49

Actual Settlement and Loads

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January, 2024
Settlement# Gross Revenue Miles Rebates Per Gallon
View Settlement $5,550.00 2651.00 $68.80 $0.23
View Settlement $4,534.00 1449.00 $35.23 $0.15
View Settlement $5,941.40 2071.00 $80.93 $0.21
View Settlement $6,919.17 2800.00 $94.12 $0.23
Totals $22,944.57 8971.00 $279.08 $0.20
Rate Per Mile $2.56      
Average Weekly $5,736.14      

Trucks of Traveloko

A look at just a few of our trucks we are so proud of. To a driver their truck is the key to a successful trucking carrier out there on the highway. Enjoy some of these views!

Frequently Asks Questions

Considering your truck to lease onto with us. here are some questions that you might have to start

  • You are required to be at least 25 years of age, with two prior years of experience
  • Class A CDL
  • Two years of verifiable commercial driving experience with a clean driving record. Exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances.
    • A clean driving record means no preventable DOT-recordable accidents in the last three years, up to one violation in the last two years, no DUIs, and in general showing care and safety while on the road.
  • No felony convictions in last 7 years
  • No positive OR refused drug and alcohol tests
  • No repeatable CSA violations in the last two years
  • No more than five companies that you worked for in the last three years
  • Clean DAC report upon application submission
  • All of these criteria above are approved on a case-by-case basis by Traveloko and having all these do criteria met does not mean you are to be eligible.

  • Insurance coverage, including:
    • Physical damage and occupational insurance
    • Traveloko can offer both of these to you

  • Yes, the orientations are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you will most likely have your first load the same day.
  • The orientations can last up to 6 hours and start at 8 am EST.
  • They will take place at our terminal in Calhoun, GA

  • No, there is no forced dispatch at Traveloko. You are completely in charge of where you wish to head, you decide.
  • When the load is accepted we do not cancel.

  • Currently, at Traveloko we have a plate program for owner operators with a CDL and Truck titled in Georgia.
  • For details, please contact our recruiting department.

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