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Lease Operator Jobs in Atlanta, GA - Traveloko

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No truck, No problem! Traveloko has been leasing new and gently used semi-trucks to owner-operators. Our lease program runs on the power of promised kept.

Traveloko Lease to Own

How much does a lease operator makes at Traveloko vs other Companies?

Traveloko Lease Operator Other Companies*
Percentage/Rate 80% 67%
Gross Revenue $5,736.14 $5,736.14
Truck Lease/Loan $512.82
Trailer Lease/Loan $250.00
Insurance $236.54 $305.54
Other Insurance $29.31 $29.31
Maintenance $329.10
Fuel $1,383.23 $1,334.26
Other Expenses $102.50 $95.65
Commission Paid $1,147.23 $1,892.93
Total Deductions $3,990.73 $3,657.69
Fuel Rebate $69.77
Weekly Net $1,815.18 $2,078.45
Yearly Net Income $97,389.57 $108,079.49

Actual Settlement and Loads

January, 2024
Settlement# Gross Revenue Miles Rebates Per Gallon
View Settlement $5,550.00 2651.00 $68.80 $0.23
View Settlement $4,534.00 1449.00 $35.23 $0.15
View Settlement $5,941.40 2071.00 $80.93 $0.21
View Settlement $6,919.17 2800.00 $94.12 $0.23
Totals $22,944.57 8971.00 $279.08 $0.20
Rate Per Mile $2.56      
Average Weekly $5,736.14      

We show Patriotism in our service

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Trucks of Traveloko

A look at just a few of our trucks we are so proud of. To a driver their truck is the key to a successful trucking carrier out there on the highway. Enjoy some of these views!

Frequently Asks Questions

Considering your truck to lease onto with us. here are some questions that you might have to start

  • Trucks offered for lease to purchase can be found on our website, which is updated weekly.
  • In addition to trucks available on our website, we always have new programs that we offer. Please contact recruiting for additional details.

  • Traveloko offers dry-vans and refrigerated trailers, please check with our recruiters for availability and pricing.

  • $5,000.00 downpayment (this is subject to change without notice), please contact the recruiter for up to date information.

  • No, there is no forced dispatch at Traveloko. You are completely in charge of where you wish to head, you decide.
  • When the load is accepted we do not cancel.

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